Titbit Thought #23

They don’t simply say that, ‘Behind everysuccessful man,  there is a woman.’ 
But the unwritten meaning behind it can be quite revealing.

 A woman can make or break anything. She can mould a beautiful statue from clay or she can shatter a statue to mere dust. 

And the way she behaves is a reflection of how a man or a woman behaves with her. 

If you embrace the inner beauty of a  woman, she can make you do wonders. She can be the pillar that holds a castle up. She can project you to become a great man. 

A woman can change your life; but only if she thinks to. 

Titbit Thought #18

Her scars on the body, an emotional reminder of the things she had undergone, though hidden behind her full sleeved dresses, serving as a permanent unhealed wound from then on, ever. 

Titbit Thought #4 – VALENTINE’S DAY!

Valentine’s day ♥

Valentine’s day, followed by a heart emoticon-that is how much we relate Valentine’s day with love.

But what if it is Valentine’s day followed by a broken heart emoticon?

While some have a romantic day on February 14, some are left with broken hearts. It’s even more sad when people who are in love are left with ‘Valentine’s day 💔’ 1486997928091

Titbit Thought #2

Promise is not something you do when the conditions are favorable.

It is to still keep up your word even when nothing is favorable.

Titbit Thought #1

Break her fear;

Not het belief. 

Break her inhibitions;

Not her trust. 

Break her boundaries; 

Not her freedom. 

Break her veil;

Not her heart.