The war within;

so horrendous that,

it terrifies me

of my future.


The clashes between, the past

trying hard to match,

with the future ‘imaginary castles’

that I am already living in.


I blame the heart, for

it is the culprit that overrode

the brain to make me believe

that unicorns exist.


The blame game starts-

the war waging between

the heart and brain

to decide who is the bane.




The type of book doesn’t matter.

The genre of the book doesn’t matter.

The time of reading doesn’t matter.

As long as I curl up, alone, with a book in my hand, I feel complete.

It may seem a bit of exaggeration to some. But, for me, Books complete me.


The feel of the book in my hand,

The scratchy noise of the pages turning in the silent room,

The play of the words before my eyes, and

The play of the scene in my mind,

Getting transported to a parallel dimension

Where only me and my book exist.

Books are what I call, ‘My Solace’.


If I could keep on writing about my love for books, I could go on forever.That is when I realized that nothing could ever take the place of books in my life. Not a person, not a thing. The loving feeling that fills up my heart at the mention of books, you could think that I’m actually talking about a person! In fact, the passion that I get towards books feels like a personification of an actual person.

Books are what, that made me go through life, and

Books are what, I will live for. 


Titbit Thought #6

We all have individual life goals and individual choices to make.

But when it comes to the person whom we love, we are ready to sacrifice everything, sometimes going overboard that we lose our own worth in the process that things we do are taken for granted; considered that it is default to do.

And when that happens, we don’t get anything back and that hurts a lot especially,  when you put in a lot of effort for that one person but don’t even get back half of what you are doing.


Titbit Thought #5

The best relationships are when best friends get into a relationship.

But when that kind of friendship is lost in a relationship, it totally kills the relationship.


Titbit Thought #2

Promise is not something you do when the conditions are favorable.

It is to still keep up your word even when nothing is favorable.