Titbit Thought #22

The war between the heart and the brain is incessant. While most of the time heart wants to give us immediate happiness,  the brain comes in between and speaks about the logic of doing things for lifelong happiness.

Sometimes in this war, we are the ones who gets caught up and ends up wounded.  


Titbit Thought #17

We all blame life that things keep on changing and that, nothing stays on forever. But what we don’t get is, life isn’t the factor that changes, but it’s we who change overselves and doesn’t stay constant in one decision. We don’t stand strong on decisions irrespective of whatever the conditions are. 

Titbit Thought #14

Perseverance, the time when we use our free will, to work against all hardships posed against us, even though we don’t have anyone to   support us in our endeavors. 

Titbit Thought #13

When we say, we ‘Compromise’, do we really put our whole heart into it? 

We don’t compromise for us, do we? 

We compromise for a person, or a situation, or a feeling. But deep down we all know that we don’t want to do it. 

Titbit Thought #9

Well everyone dreams of happy endings, but in reality do you really think there is such a thing called a happy ‘ending’? 

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