Wanna know ‘About Me’?

I’m an Indian girl, who gambles in between books, blogging and article writing. A hardcore fan of mystery novels, though I get a tad bit mushy when I read emotional contents. (Did I just say it out loud? Β :O :P) I’m an Engineer by day and a freelance writer/blogger/freelance editor/reader at night. My idea of a perfect day is, sitting with a thriller novel on my very comfortable couch with my favorite shirt and loads of chocolates and chips to munch on! I sometimes get a bit lazy to write, but a like or a comment from one of my posts will revive me from my laziness and get me writing. So, yeah, you are the people who push me to write and I’m really thankful for it! πŸ™‚

Hope you continue to motivate me, criticize me and inspire me!


13 thoughts on “Wanna know ‘About Me’?

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