Titbit Thought #14

Perseverance, the time when we use our free will, to work against all hardships posed against us, even though we don’t have anyone to   support us in our endeavors. 


2 thoughts on “Titbit Thought #14

  1. Great. Perseverance is falling and getting back up again and trying again. Nothing was learned or achieved without failure or mistakes.
    Regarding relationships: two halves don’t make one; two whole ones equals one relationship. So one must be complete before being in a relationship. Don’t wait. Pursue independance today. If you fail, try again.
    One cannot carry another. The two must be equal, but different, partners.
    If a person is incomplete, needy, or addicted then the relationship will not succeed.
    A high standard but a fulfilling realization in life and the path to maturity.

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