Titbit Thought #10

People, who are so in love are the ones who experience more pain because, the one who loves more than the other, will be the one who gets hurt most of the times. And before anyone could say that both love in the same measure, I’m sure that its almost impossible for both to be in love with the same intensity. 


4 thoughts on “Titbit Thought #10

  1. All love is different, all love comes in many forms, but love can’t always hurt you; love can protect you, love can make you open up when you thought you never could. Maybe two people can’t love each other in the same way but that doesn’t mean that it can hurt you. It can mean that you have found someone to love you for all that you are, and truly once you find someone like that there is nothing better then it. Love is not caring what flaws or mistakes someone has done.

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