Titbit Thought #6

We all have individual life goals and individual choices to make.

But when it comes to the person whom we love, we are ready to sacrifice everything, sometimes going overboard that we lose our own worth in the process that things we do are taken for granted; considered that it is default to do.

And when that happens, we don’t get anything back and that hurts a lot especially,  when you put in a lot of effort for that one person but don’t even get back half of what you are doing.



19 thoughts on “Titbit Thought #6

  1. I believe that if we could give everything selflessly then pain might get reduced.. I loved someone and I still do.. but I know that she might not reciprocity.. it is certainly painful.. but true love will win at the end..

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  2. I thinks that’s why it’s really important to find someone who is first not self centered and very aware. We have to find someone who is capable of perusing their own dreams AND cares that you are perusing yours as well and not throwing yours away for them. There should always be room for compromise but your significant other should be just as worried that you’re living your best life like they are trying to live there’s. πŸ’•

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  3. Very true! It hurts when you give so much someone and they decide to not do anything in return. It can give you a very terrible feeling. But the best feeling comes when you give to someone who would never be able to give back in return.

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